Flex – Java Real Time Chart With BlazeDS

In my previous post I’ve explained how to create a line chart populated with real time data.

In this post I’ve moved real time data generating to Java project and push that data to client using BlazeDS. The rest is same as the previous flex project.

I’ll simply put sources here so you can take a look at it. You need to modify build.xml in java project according to your system. Also right click on your flex project in your Flash Builder  and select properties. Flex Compiler->Additional Compiler Arguments then modify path. You will be able to deploy the java project war file to tomcat and run your flex project from Flash Builder.

You will see the live data in line chart generated and pushed from the server.

There are 2 projects(RealTimeDataServer, RealTimeLineChart) one for server-side with BlazeDS and the other for client with Flex:



4 thoughts on “Flex – Java Real Time Chart With BlazeDS

  1. Arun says:

    Hi I am unable to download the zip file can you email it to me ?
    Email Id : arun.os24@gmail.com

  2. Arun says:

    Awesome ! Eagerly waiting for it 🙂

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